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Business dealing ethics

1. Provision on inadmissibility of bribery.
  • The Enterprise aspires to follow its rejection rule concerning the corrupt practices in any form. With that end in view, the Enterprise prohibits to resort to any promises, offers or requirements related to unlawful incentives like sum of money or any other benefits in order to provide itself with advantages in the sphere of partner relationship, and this prohibition is applied to all its employees.
  • The Supplier states that it takes into account the Enterprise’s liability and, in its turn, makes a commitment not to invoke any promise, offer or requirement related to unlawful payment of money resources for the benefit of the Enterprise and/or to the advantage of its employees.
2. Obligations of the parties concerned.
  • Control system.
    The Supplier undertakes to apply the effective control system that is able to prevent actual criminal acts both in Russia and abroad, including those like legally improper acceptance of gifts, sponsorship or other benefits from the State or another state body, fraud committed in relation to the State or another state body, aggravated fraud in order to receive State benefits, computer fraud in relation to the State or another state body, bribery within the framework of abusive exercise of power, judicial bribery, corruption, blackmailing offenses, larceny in relation to the State or another state body.
  • Cash register systems.
    The Supplier undertakes to make payments only in those instances where the payee is easily determined (nonnegotiable checks, bank transfers etc), avoiding cash payments or dividends payable in kind.
  • Gifts and benefits.
    The Supplier undertakes not to provide any gifts in any form if these gifts may be interpreted as those falling outside the usual business activities or forms, or may be considered like those, which are intended to provide privileged attitude to the Supplier in connection with any conducted business that might be related to the Enterprise. This provision, that can’t be ignored even in relation with those Countries in which donation of valuable gifts made to commercial partners is assumed to be a usual practice, concerns both promised/ offered gifts and received gifts. A gift means any kind of profits received (charge-free access to conferences, promises for job opportunities etc). In any case, the Supplier undertakes to withhold from any actions forbidden by the Legislation, commercial practice and/or the Code of ethics, if any, applicable in companies or organizations, with which the Supplier has established business relations.
3. Monitoring of activities.
The Enterprise is authorized to carry on audits exclusively aimed at verification of observance of fulfillment of obligations undertaken by Parties for the purposes of the present Provisions related to business dealing ethics. The Supplier is liable to submit all documents which are considered to be useful by the Enterprise and which are related to the performance of Supplier’s obligations.

4. Absence of conflicts of interests.
The Supplier states that it doesn’t conduct any business activity that can be assessed as a conflict of interests within the scope of fulfillment of obligations towards the Enterprise. The Supplier confirms the following statements: - the managing director / directors / shareholders, as well as Supplier’s staff taking direct part in fulfillment of obligations to Supplier haven’t been instituted criminal proceedings for the last 5 years as related to respective clauses that are connected with fraud, giving/receiving bribery, stealing or appropriation of property etc.

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