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Production system of United Wagon Company

Long-term goals are the priority

We know what our production will be in several years. We determine the strategic directions of the company development using assessment and forecast of the railway market. We strive to achieve goals, being guided by the long-term development strategy and investing in the development and production of the models of freight cars that are in demand on the market.

To meet the customer’s need and anticipate this need

We constantly improve characteristics of freight cars and we develop promising models of the rolling stock. We quickly react to our customers requirements to quality of manufactured products. We increase efficiency of our customers freight traffic thanks to high operational indicators of new generation freight cars — increased loading capacity and increased between-repairs run in the first place. Economic efficiency of freight cars is our priority!

Employees are the most valued asset in the company

Our company is interested in the effective use of professional skills and competences of the employees, realization of their career development. We train and invest into the staff. Our staff are involved in the analysis of their activities and they participate in the improvement of processes. We believe that, providing favorable conditions for work, training, health and rest, we not only reveal the potential of the employees, but also develop competitiveness of the company.

Culture of continuous improvements

To ensure sustainable development of the company, we need constant growth due to continuous improvements. We involve all personnel of the company in the process of development and implementation. Each employee can and should share his or her proposals, participate in the proposals implementation, thereby reducing costs of production and at the same time improving his or her work environment.

The attention is focused on the production site (GEMBA)

Decision-making immediately on the production site based on a realistic assessment of current processes, knowledge and experience of the staff ensures high quality of our products and production efficiency in general. This is the very place where the work is done, the work that creates the value of our product. Exactly here work the employees who know the production process, and they are the very specialists who are in the vanguard of all improvements in work. We have merged the principles of work in the office and on the production site. “5C” operates on all facilities of our company.

Following all the principles of the production system, we achieve top results:

Directions of production system development


Of top priority are issues of meeting requirements of labor protection, industrial and environmental safety. We create comfortable working conditions, teach the correct methods of performance of operations and ensure constant control over observance of rules of labor protection in a workplace. We care of employees needs; we provide them with necessary information, ensuring psychological safety. It is important for us that our employees should feel their importance in the working process and should have confidence in their future.

Drilling gantry (elimination of places dangerous for the operator)

Drilling gantry (elimination of places dangerous for the operator)

Drilling gantry (elimination of places dangerous for the operator)

Video camera (protection of equipment components from breakdowns)

Video camera (protection of equipment components from breakdowns)

No defects

We produce freight cars with high indicators of operational reliability and safety. In order to achieve that, we carry out quality control on each technological process stage, applying the rule of 3 NOs: 1) do not accept reject 2) do not produce reject 3) do not transfer reject. Each employee understands that the quality of his or her work ultimately has an impact on railway traffic safety.

Quick response (on first demand of customers)

Our customers requirements might change. We are one step ahead to deal with all changes, we possess all capabilities for a prompt adjustment to changing needs of our customers. We are ready to design and build in the shortest possible time a freight car highly demanded by our customers.


Our production can quickly readjust for the production of any type of freight cars, which are in our product line. The control of production processes is based on maintaining smooth production flow and uninterrupted output of products.

Minimum costs

We strive to lower costs at all stages of a product creation: from the development of a model to sending the completed freight car to the end user. We pay special attention to operational efficiency and, as a result, to enhancement of labor productivity of our personnel. Making our product more affordable while maintaining the product high quality, we increase our customers satisfaction.

The priority production system instruments

Standardized work

    The most effective way to run operations by a worker. Evaluation of operational losses, implementation of measures to eliminate the losses, calculation of operator workload is the basis for increasing operational efficiency.

    Total Productive Maintenance

      Equipment efficiency increase, search of the best option to perform operations using the equipment. The goal is the absence of accidents at work, zero product defects and no breakdowns in the process of the product operational use.

      Calculation of Overall Equipment Efficiency as a starting point for the analysis of efficiency dynamics.

      Autonomous servicing work and servicing are inseparable. We involve operators in the process of servicing, simple diagnostics and minor repairs, thereby increasing time of useful operation of the equipment.

      Ergonomic workplace creation

        Organization of work areas using 5S-instrument:

        1) Sort 2) Maintain order 3) Keep tidy 4) Standardize 5) Improve

        Hydroelectric power station (elimination of hard-to-reach areas for inspection and servicing) Hydroelectric power station (elimination of hard-to-reach areas for inspection and servicing)

        Hydroelectric power station (elimination of hard-to-reach areas for inspection and servicing)

        Pull system

          Organization of deliveries based on the principle Just-in-time.

          We manufacture only what is necessary, in required time and in necessary quantity, using system of a tare kanban and the ERP resource (system of enterprise resource planning).

          Value stream
            Arrangements for and maintenance of continuous production flow. Clear understanding of the stages of our product value creation, less chains and time of a full cycle of the product creation.

            Prompt readjustment

              Less time for replacement of stamps, tooling and instruments due to replacement of readjustment elements from internal into external area.

              Search for the root causes of the problems occurrence 4M

                Search for and elimination of losses in 4 directions:

                M - Men, 7 types of operational losses;

                M - Machines, and 8 types of losses ;

                M - Materials, losses of raw materials, supplies, instrument, power losses;

                M - Methods, no management methods, no control, no measurement, no working standards, no operational cards.

                Cabinet for the cutting tool lubrication (elimination of hard-to-reach areas for the inspection and their visualization)

                Cabinet for the cutting tool lubrication (elimination of hard-to-reach areas for the inspection and their visualization)